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Commercial & Industrial Property Tax Assessment Specialists: 1-800-443-4954
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About Us

Property Assessment Services purpose is to represent taxpayers in achieving the minimum level of assessment on their real estate and personal property.

Over Twenty-Five Years Experience in the Property Tax Field

Property Assessment Services, Inc. specializes in the review of commercial and industrial property tax assessments. Our representatives are qualified and trained to represent taxpayers in achieving fair and equitable assessments.

We Are Corporate Property Tax Specialists

Our experience includes successful real estate tax reductions of office buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, transportation terminals and warehouses. Our expertise in personal property management ranges from inventory, machinery and equipment to corporate assets as diverse as aircraft and trucking company rolling stock.

Commercial and Industrial services can be offered on a set fee or a contingency basis. You only pay a percentage of tax savings or refund that we ultimately obtain for you.

Contact Us

Main Office 309 Summit St.
Asheville, NC 28803