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Personal Property Tax

Many Businesses Pay Too Much Personal Property Tax

The taxation of company assets such as machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures and inventory is often excessive and not representative of the actual market value of those assets.

PAS, Inc.’s goal is to achieve the legal minimum amount of property tax liability on these assets and provide you with the information you need to keep the assessment low in the future.

Most companies have neither the time nor the expertise necessary to perform the extensive analysis required to find inequities and mistakes. Our firm enhances your staff’s productivity by managing your personal property taxes and saving valuable employee time.

Don’t Make These Personal Property Taxation Mistakes!

  • Reporting and paying personal property tax on items that are exempt from taxation.
  • Missing opportunities for accelerated depreciation on certain types of short life assets.
  • Reviewing and challenging the results of a recent audit.
  • Non-compliance or filing late on personal property returns.
  • Reporting inventory that may be exempt from taxation.
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